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Whats included?

30 Minutes Live Workout Sessions

We have carefully curated a series of beginner friendly progressive series of workouts aimed towards serious weight loss. Each session is 30 minutes only and will happen live via Zoom on every Mon, wed & fri at 6:30 am.

What if I am not able to attend live sessions in the morning at 6:30 am?

Don't worry. We will provide the recording of the session which will be accessible for 7 days from the day it was recorded. So you can workout anytime of the day following the recorded sessions.

21 Day Detailed Diet Plan at Your Ease

An elaborated 21 day diet plan will be provided which consist 100% of home cooked food and natural ingredients only such as fruits and vegetables. We do not promote, prescribe or sell any artificial supplements.

What if the diet plan does not suit me?

You will be well connected with our experienced and certified dietitian in case you need any modification in the diet. You will also get lot of options for each meal.

Weekly Live Meet Up with Your Mentors

Every Sunday we will organize an online zoom meeting specifically for your batch to discuss the tasks, diet plan, progress, tasks, challenges, experiences etc. with your mentors.

Simple Cooking Recipes

Along with diet plan you will also receive simple cooking recipes that will help you with losing fat and detoxing your body.

Join Live Yoga Classes Everyday for FREE

As a complimentary gift with this program you will get access to Live yoga classes that we conduct everyday. There are multiple time slots and classes to pick from. This is not mandatory to join but an option for you.

Meet 1000's of Like Minded People

One this program is offered you will have the option to stay in the community life long that is also for absolutely FREE.

Benefits you will gain

100% Healthy, Natural Fat Loss

We focus on 100% natural solutions. The program is designed for the healthiest weight loss journey there is possible. You will burn fat while maintaining muscle mass with the help of this program.

Feel Lighter, Brighter and Faster

The diet plan and workouts both will help you reach your full potential. Stay energetic whole day, experience mental clarity and happiness.

Detox and Cleanse Your Body

The diet plan is designed to help you eliminate toxins, heavy metals and any unwanted substances in the most natural way. Our experts will guide you with every step of it in details. Its very simple and easy to follow.

Increased Stamina, Strength & Flexibilty

Our workout plans and Yoga classes will make sure that you are becoming stronger everyday.

Who is this for?

Tried Losing Weight but Failed

Tried keto, low crab, protein shakes, supplements, but nothing worked then this program is for you.

Lost Weight but it Came Back

Lost a good amount of weight with the help of a crash diet, supplement or no carb diet but it came back as soon as you quit then join us now.

Crave Sugar & Carbs

If you crave sugary food like sweets, ice cream etc after a meal or feel not satisfied even after a meal than join this program immediately.

Working Professionals

You live a very busy life and have no time to spend on your health? Well, this workshop is for you. By spending just 30 minutes 3 days a week, you can transform your life!

Home Makers

Always taking care of others but forget to do something meaningful for your own health? Well, it's time to focus on yourself so you can better support your family.

For Parents

Not sure how to pass on great health habits to your children? In this challenge, you will learn about simple secrets of health that will improve your full family's health.

Meet Your Mentors

Program Creator


Sumit Sharma

Certified Dietitian | Yoga Teacher | Lifestyle Coach | Intermittent Fasting Champ | Founder: Strong By Yoga

Get trained by the best.

Sumit is a well-accomplished name in the wellness industry. With an extensive experience of over 10 years, he has successfully helped thousands of people transform their life. He is known for his work in holistic lifestyle changes and all-natural solutions.

I strongly believe that we create our own heaven/hell. I am here to help you create your heaven where you have freedome to enjoy every moment of your life.

Diet Planner

Aarish Khan2 (1)

Dr. Aarish Khan

Clinical Dietitian | Expert of Naturopathy and Yogic sciences

“She is the best dietitian we have ever met.” – Clients

Dr. Aarish is an extremely focused and talented dietitian. She believes in healing our body inside out with the help of mother nature. She loves talking to her clients and students and provides 100% natural solutions to all health problems.

She fought hypothyroid herself and now lives a medicine-free life thanks to her knowledge of diet and nutrition.

I love helping people and it makes me super happy when I see people loosing weight, getting healthier because my small efforts. I feel gratful for this knowledge and I have found my purpose of life in helping people.

Workout Mentors

Screenshot 2023-06-21 080101

Radhika Sharma

Yoga Teacher

Vidhi-12-2 (1) (1)

Vidhi Suthar

Yoga Teacher


Total Weight Dropped

233 kg
and counting...

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

17th Sep - 8th Oct
1500/- All Inclusive
  • Detailed Diet Plan
  • Live Workout Sessions
  • Weekly Progress Review
  • Weekly Community Meetings
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • Unlimited Live Yoga Classes


Only simple home-cooked meals-like Rajma -Chawal, poha, daal etc are given in the diet plan.  A diet plan will be provided to you as per your food preferences such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian etc.

The workout sessions are designed to be beginner friendly. The exercises are simple and effective for weight loss. Our Trainers will help you get every movement right in the live session.

Yes, 100%. If you simply follow the given diet plan then you will lose weight. Workouts and Yoga classes are optional.

If you follow all the instructions religiously weight loss is guaranteed. In case you fail to do so you can always shift your self in the next batch. This can be done only once.

The chances are very high.  However, to encounter this problem you can either join our FREE “Fasting Champs” community in which our Mentor and Founder “Sumit Sharma” will guide you on how to manage your weight. It’s free for a lifetime. The link will be shared once the program is over. 

The workout sessions are designed to be beginner friendly. The exercises are simple and effective for weight loss. Our Trainers will help you get every movement right in the live session.

Yes, it is just Rs. 590/- and no other charges.

We believe in giving back to the community hence this is one of our efforts. We want to help as many people as possible build a healthy body. 

Once you register, we will share the details with you on your email and WhatsApp. Workout sessions and weekly meeting links will be provided to you well in advance.

The live workout sessions will happen at 6:30 am India time on Mon, Wed & Fri. Either you can join these sessions or watch recording of the session ann workout on your own.

As soon as you register.

You should not join if

  • If you are pregnant or expecting pregnancy
  • If you are lactating
  • If you have hypertension or a heart-related disease
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Fee: Rs. 1500/-


21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Note: This program is for the general public with no medical conditions. You may want to consider the Ultimate 8-Week Health Program if you have a medical condition.

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