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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I cancel my subscription / membership plan?
    To cancel your plan please follow the steps:
    1.  Visit: My Membership
    2. Click on "Manage"
    3. Cancel your plan
  • Where to find Teachers list?
    Please visit the following page for the teacher's list: Teachers List You must have an account with us to visit this page.
  • where can I find my plan/membership details?
    Please visit the link to find your membership/plan details: My Membership
  • How can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?
    To upgrade/downgrade your plan you will have to cancel your current plan and then subscribe to a new plan.
  • How can I update or change my credit card details?
    Here are the steps to update your Credit card details on our payment system:
    1. Visit the following link: My Membership
    2. Click on "Add payment method" and Save your card details as desired
    3. After saving your card mark it as "Make Default"
  • How much does each 1-on-1 session cost?
    It will depend on what type duration and frequency of classes you would like to attend. We have a smart pricing plan to help you figure out the best plan for you. Check out the latest pricing
  • Can I pause my subscription and resume it after some time?
    Pausing a subscription is not possible. Please cancel your plan and you may start a new plan whenever you would like to start classes.
  • How does Yoga over a zoom call works?
    Well, it works and we have been doing it since 2017. You will need high-speed internet, a device(Smart TV/Laptop/tablet/mobile), and a little bit of space in your home where you can attend yoga sessions. All of our classes are Live which ensures smooth communication between you and your Yoga teacher. All of our teachers are trained to help you set up for your first live Yoga class over Zoom.
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