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14 Days Yoga Marathon Kids Schedule

Date Teacher Class
22-Mar Vidhi Suthar Orientation and Introduction of yoga
23-Mar Karishma Knowledge about the body parts used in yoga postures
24-Mar Hemlata Sitting Yoga Postures
25-Mar Vidhi Suthar Standing Yoga Postures
26-Mar Karishma Twisting yoga postures
27-Mar Hemlata Backbending yoga postures
28-Mar Vidhi Suthar Balaning yoga postures
29-Mar Karishma Yoga Dance
30-Mar Hemlata Yoga Games
31-Apr Vidhi Suthar Sunsalutation
01-Apr Karishma Yoga flow
02-Apr Hemlata Breathing and mindful yoga
03-Apr Vidhi Suthar Strike a Pose
04-Apr Karishma Core O'Clock

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