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Meet The Founder


Sumit Sharma

Web Developer | Business Fanatic | Yoga Teacher


Sumit is a multitasker with many skills at hand. He has over 14 years of experience in running business operations in multiple domains such as banking, customer service, start-ups, real estate, etc. He is a fitness enthusiast with a master’s degree in business administration, a diploma in data analytics and market research, and a self-taught web developer. He is also a certified yoga teacher and nutritionist.

He started his journey to become a yoga teacher after his first encounter with yoga in 2014. He was employed with a well-known start-up at that time and was working as an Operations Manager in the organization. He pursued his corporate career for another 2 years and in 2016 he decided to completely change his line of work.

He started Strong By Yoga in 2017 after struggling as a Yoga teacher for 1 year as he had figured out a problem with personal yoga classes that he wanted to solve for everyone at once.

This is how STRONG BY YOGA was born. It’s a platform that connects Yoga teachers from India to people who are interested in personal yoga classes all around the world. STRONG BY YOGA eliminates the constraint of time, travel, and discomfort by providing live online interactive yoga classes. One can book, cancel and reschedule classes anytime, from anywhere in the world, and take a class with their favorite yoga teacher from the comfort of their home.

Since 2017 we have successfully delivered over 5000 hours of live online yoga classes and counting. We are determined to help the community of yoga teachers and to spread true learnings of yoga all everywhere in the world.

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