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10 Yoga Poses that will Help in Weight Loss

10 Yoga Poses that will Help in Weight Loss

Weight loss has become an important goal for all of us; don’t we all want a toned body? Haven’t we all tried strict dieting and intense physical workouts? Yet, we have failed. But yoga can offer you many more benefits than other exercises, aiding in your journey to weight loss. Despite several forms of workout being […]

World’s 7 Best Online Yoga Classes of 2022

The Best 7 Online Yoga Classes

We have given some serious thought and time to figure out the Best Online Yoga Classes for you. Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical practice that has been around for ages. With time, people have discovered a number of health benefits associated with yoga. Yoga does more than burn calories and strengthens muscles, it […]

Best 10 Things to do Before Meditation


Sitting down to meditate might be one of the most challenging things for you to do. To help you be more successful at meditation we have created a list of the ten essential things to do to prepare for your practice. Practicing this list will also create a pre-meditation ritual that will prime your mind to […]

What is Hatha Yoga? How Does it Help? Read All About Hatha Yoga Here!

We are all living in times amidst excessive pressures of rushing towards our goals and meeting self-imposed deadlines. All this has left us with very little time to focus on things that bring us joy and help relax our minds. However, if you have decided to reclaim your work-life balance by bringing unison between your […]

Best 7 Proven Ways Meditation Positively Affects Brain Behavior

Best 7 Proven Ways Meditation Positively Affects Brain Behavior

Numerous studies have proven the benefits of regular meditation.   These can include decreased stress, improved concentration, lower blood pressure, and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, just to name a few.   And while there are different types of meditation, they can all offer a similar set of proven benefits for mental and physical health. Here’s […]

Best 10 Morning Ayurvedic Rituals to Start Practicing Now

For those who want to dive deeper into the overall health benefits of yoga, one might suggest learning about the rituals and practices of its “Sister Science,” Ayurveda. Both play separate but essential roles in keeping us in a healthy and peaceful state by encouraging the incorporation of daily routines into our lives designed to […]

How to Start a Yoga Practice at Home? Best 10 Tips

start practicing yoga at home

How to start yoga at home? Having a home yoga practice has loads of benefits. You can practice anywhere, day or night, and you don’t need much in the way of equipment. There is a huge range of teachers and classes at your fingertips, plus, it’s also pretty inexpensive. You even do it in your […]

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