• Which style of yoga will be taught?
    On different days different forms of yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, and meditation.
  • Are there any other time slots available for live sessions?
    Unfortunately not, But we will share the recordings of the class for you to practice in case you miss out on the live session.
  • Can my kids join?
    • They are most welcome but please keep it in mind these sessions are not specifically designed for kids.
    • We are starting a different batch for kids starting from the 6th of March. It is a free yoga camp for Kids. You can sign up here:https://strongbyyoga.com/14-day-yoga-marathon-kids/
  • How can I be ready for the class?
    • You will need a device such as a laptop, iPad, or Tv to join the class. Bigger the screen better the experience.
    • Come to class mostly empty stomach. So if you want to eat something then have it at least 1 hour before the class.
    • Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely.
    • Keep yourself hydrated, and keep a water bottle handy.
    • Don’t forget your Yoga Mat.
    • Eating a banana or a small amount of healthy carbs is recommended for an extra energy boost.
  • Who are the teachers and are they certified?
    All teachers are certified and experienced They are from different parts of India holding knowledge in their specific expertise like therapy, meditation, physical practice, etc.
  • I am a beginner, is this the right place to start practicing yoga?
    Yes, our classes are super beginner friendly in fact the whole purpose of holding this event is to help people get started with their Yoga journey.
  • Can I attend with my wife/husband/partner?
    Sure, together is better. We encourage you to bring your family and friends along. Consider this as family time.
  • Where will the classes happen?
    The classes will happen over zoom. We will share the class link at least 12 hours before the class time in the WhatsApp Group.
  • Can I cancel my session?
    Cancel the session anytime, literally even a minute before the session. Please don't make this a habit as the teacher will be up and ready waiting for you in the class.
  • Can I reschedule my session?
    Yes, you can reschedule your session anytime before the start time of your session.
  • Can I book multiple sessions in one go?
    Yes, you can book multiple sessions in one go.
  • I am unable to find a teacher at a time that works for me. What should I do?
    Please email to : sumit@strongbyyoga.com and we will help you fix it.
  • Do unused 1-on-1 sessions rollover to the next billing cycle?

    Yes, any unused plan hours from the current 4-week billing cycle roll over to the next cycle. You can keep rolling over sessions for up to 6 billing cycles.

    Rolled-over sessions are available until your membership is active.

  • How do I choose a teacher?

    Each teacher has a profile page with a short intro video and a list of the types of yoga they teach and goals they can address. Feel free to reach out to any teacher through the in-app chat if you have additional questions!

    If you still have problem send us an email sumit@StrongByYoga.com
  • Can I change my teacher for a private 1-on-1 session and try a different one?
    Absolutely, we encourage you to try sessions with different teachers. Don't worry about upsetting your previous teacher - teachers aren't notified when you change. Plus! We recommend that you work with at least two teachers to make sure you have another teacher to work with if a teacher goes on a vacation. Our teachers want you to be with a teacher that you are most comfortable with, so feel free to experiment until you find the teachers you like.
  • Do I get any free sessions?

    Currently, you can get a 2-week free trial of Unlimited Group Classes. If you have been refereed by a friend, you may get additional 1on1 sessions to try free!

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Your membership would remain active until the end of the current 4 week cycle and will not be renewed.

    If you prepaid and availed of a discounted membership rate, we do not issue any refunds. However, you can put your membership on pause and use remaining balance later. Please note rolled over sessions are only available until your membership is active.

  • Can my membership fee increase in the future?
    No! Your membership rate is locked in as long as you keep it active - so any new price increases won't apply to you!
  • Will a teacher come to my home?

    Well almost! The teacher is live with you via video conferencing. It's almost like having your teacher visit your home.

  • I am interested in trying out StrongByYoga. How do I get started?
    Start with a free trial. No credit card required. Click here to start your free trials
  • I am new to yoga. Is StrongByYoga right for me?
    Absolutely, StrongByYoga is the perfect place to begin! You get 1-on-1 time with a deeply experienced teacher to work on your goals in the privacy of your own home. Based on your goals - like increasing flexibility, improving strength, improving presence and mental calm, or something else - your yoga teacher will build a plan and ensure that you are making progress. You can join one of our group classes that are being offered for free currently.
  • Does yoga over the internet and video conferencing really work?
    You will be amazed at how well it works! Give it a try by scheduling a free session and assessing for yourself. We have many satisfied students and well-trained teachers already using our platform. Start Free Trial
  • How is StrongByYoga session different from a yoga studio class?
    In a typical studio class, you practice with a group of students at the studio. A StrongByYoga private 1 on 1 session is tailored specifically for your body, your goals and your schedule. You take class with a live teacher through live video conferencing - like Skype but better - in the privacy of your home. StrongByYoga is now offering group classes too.
  • Will I be charge Credits for booking Group Classes?
    No. You will not be charged any credits for booking group classes. Credits are only for booking 1-on-1 sessions.
  • Can I book 1-on-1 classes when I am on a Group Class Membership plan?
    All group class membership plans cover unlimited bookings for group classes. To book 1-on-1 sessions with a listed Yoga Teacher you can buy credits or change your plan to a 1-on-1 Plan. You can do both here: Pricing
  • What does "Covers Your Family" mean?
    In all Group Class Membership plans you can book group classes for your family (Spouse & Kids).
  • How to cancel my subscription plan?
    Please visit the following link to cancel your plan: Manage My Plan
  • What is the difference between Credits & subscriptions?
    • Subscriptions renew on their own.
    • They are cheaper than credits.
    • You get credits to book classes as per your subscription.
    • Credits under a subscription plan do not get carried forward.
    • Free: Unlimited Group Classes
    • You can buy credits whenever you need them.
    • Use credits to book 1-on-1 classes.
    • Credits will get carried forward to your next package.
    • Free: Unlimited Group Classes
  • How does Credits work? / What are Credits?
    You will need Credits to book 1-on-1 sessions. You can opt for a subscription or buy them manually every time you need them. Here is how many credits you will be charged for 1-on-1 sessions as per their duration:
    • 30 minutes session = 10 Credits
    • 45 minutes session = 15 Credits
    • 1 hour session = 20 Credits
    Get Credits Here
  • Why I am not able to access Group Classes booking page?
    Either you do not have an active plan with us or your current plan does not cover group class bookings. If you think we made an error please raise a support ticket from here: https://strongbyyoga.com/support-portal/
  • How can I cancel my subscription / membership plan?
    To cancel your plan please follow the steps:
    1.  Visit: https://strongbyyoga.com/manage-plan/
    2. Click on "Manage"
    3. Cancel your plan
  • How can I update or change my credit card details?
    Here are the steps to update your Credit card details on our payment system:
    1. Visit the following link: https://strongbyyoga.com/manage-plan/
    2. Click on "Manage"
    3. Click on "Add payment method" and Save your card details as desired
    4. After saving your card mark it as "Make Default"
  • How can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?
    To upgrade/downgrade your plan you will have to cancel your current plan and then subscribe to a new plan. You can do all that here: https://strongbyyoga.com/manage-plan/
  • How to book classes?
    Please log in to your account to book classes. Log in
  • Can I pause my subscription and resume it after some time?
    Pausing a subscription is not possible. Please cancel your plan and you may start a new plan whenever you would like to start classes.
  • where can I find my plan/membership details?
    Please visit the link to find your membership/plan details: https://strongbyyoga.com/manage-plan/
  • Where to find Teachers list?
    Please visit the following page for the teacher's list: https://strongbyyoga.com/book-1-on-/ You must have an account with us to visit this page.
  • I am interested in trying out Strong By Yoga. How do I get started?
    You can click on the following link and start your free trial right away: START MY FREE TRIAL
  • How much does each 1-on-1 session cost?
    It will depend on what type duration and frequency of classes you would like to attend. We have a smart pricing plan to help you figure out best plan for you. Please check our pricing page at https://www.StrongByYoga.com/pricing for our latest pricing.
  • How does Yoga over a zoom call works?
    Well, it works and we have been doing it since 2017. You will need high-speed internet, a device(Smart TV/Laptop/tablet/mobile), and a little bit of space in your home where you can attend yoga sessions. All of our classes are Live which ensures smooth communication between you and your Yoga teacher. All of our teachers are trained to help you set up for your first live Yoga class over Zoom.
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