Membership Plans

All Membership Plans Include:

  • Weight Loss & Weight Management
  • Fight Lifestyle Diseases – Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD ect.
  • Learn Yoga From Expert Teachers
  • Learn Fasting & Diet
  • Improved Stamina, Strength & Flexibility
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Focus & Productivity
  • Sleep Better
  • Burn Fat for Energy
    and much more…
$ 39
per month
  • Billed Every Month

Total amount - $39.99

$ 34
per month
  • Billed Every 6 Months
Save $30

Total amount - $209.94

$ 29
per month
  • Billed Yearly
Save $120

Total amount - $359.88

1 Month

Membership Plan
790/- Only

3 Month

Membership Plan
2700/- Only

6 Month

Membership Plan
4500/- Only

1 Year

Membership Plan
7500/- Only

Need personal training with your favorite teacher? Buy 1-on-1 credits

1 Credit = $1 USD​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be charge Credits for booking Group Classes?
    No. You will not be charged any credits for booking group classes. Credits are only for booking 1-on-1 sessions.
  • Can I book 1-on-1 classes when I am on a Group Class Membership plan?
    All group class membership plans cover unlimited bookings for group classes. To book 1-on-1 sessions with a listed Yoga Teacher you can buy credits or change your plan to a 1-on-1 Plan. You can do both here: Pricing
  • How to cancel my subscription plan?
    Please visit the following link to cancel your plan: Manage My Plan
  • What is the difference between Credits & subscriptions?
    • Subscriptions renew on their own.
    • They are cheaper than credits.
    • You get credits to book classes as per your subscription.
    • Credits under a subscription plan do not get carried forward.
    • Free: Unlimited Group Classes
    • You can buy credits whenever you need them.
    • Use credits to book 1-on-1 classes.
    • Credits will get carried forward to your next package.
    • Free: Unlimited Group Classes
  • How does Credits work? / What are Credits?
    You will need Credits to book 1-on-1 sessions. You can opt for a subscription or buy them manually every time you need them. Here is how many credits you will be charged for 1-on-1 sessions as per their duration:
    • 30 minutes session = 10 Credits
    • 45 minutes session = 15 Credits
    • 1 hour session = 20 Credits
    Get Credits Here
  • How much does each 1-on-1 session cost?
    It will depend on what type duration and frequency of classes you would like to attend. We have a smart pricing plan to help you figure out best plan for you. Please check our pricing page at https://www.StrongByYoga.com/pricing for our latest pricing.
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